Tuesday, 14 April 2009

13+14 april 2009

Sorry that these posts are so boring, I'm just not doing anything important or relevant to the course of my fitness, and I'm starting to forget to update this blog too...
I don't think any of this is doing any good and I'm not even sure if that guy who's helping me even cares anymore, I sure do but I dont want to be wasting my time doing something that is just a bother to me. I mean, I'm not an idiot, I know what's good for me and not, and I'm starting to get better at avoiding snacking, I just don't think this is doing me any good to constantly have to remember to do this, and then I get worried about what comments I might have got or if I got any in the first place.
If you're still here whoever, tell me if you're still interested in reading any of this, because if I'm being unhelpful, or you lost interest, it's only going to be something less to care about.

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